Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New DVD in the UNT Dallas Library Media Collection

While Tucson High School's Mexican American Studies Program has seen 93 percent of its enrolled students graduate, there are some who see this academic victory as something dangerous. Precious Knowledge documents teachers and students fighting to retain an academic source of student success and pride in their culture while lawmakers attempt to suspend the program on the basis of "racial solidarity" and a fear of a supposed Mexican uprising in America. 

You can check out this DVD and more at the UNT Dallas Library. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

ProQuest and Google Collaborate

Many students use databases such as EBSCOhost or JSTOR to find full text scholarly articles for projects, but there are others who prefer to use Google Scholar. Until recently, Google Scholar could only access content made available on the web, but now ProQuest and Google Scholar are teaming up to make researching much easier and expansive. Starting in Fall 2015, UNT Dallas students who prefer using Google Scholar will be able to access full text scholarly articles via ProQuest. As ProQuest stated in their press release, "ProQuest connects people with vetted, reliable information. Key to serious research, the company’s products are a gateway to the world’s knowledge including dissertations, governmental and cultural archives, news, historical collections and ebooks." (x) Opening up Google Scholar's access to ProQuest will give students a wider array of options in choosing between databases, which will in turn lead to better search results and even better research projects.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Gender Studies Database

If you ever have a project dealing with issues related to gender or sexuality, consider doing research through the Gender Studies Database. The Gender Studies Database combines the Women's Studies International and Men's Studies databases with the coverage of sexual diversity issues. This database includes more than 764,000 records and spans 1972 and earlier to the present.You can access this database through the UNT Dallas Library Online Resources page.

Women's History Month Book Spotlight

 Far from being a single, cohesive ideology, feminism comes in many forms and defies simple descriptors. In her book Feminist Thought: A Comprehensive Introduction, Rosemarie Tong fleshes out seven different modes of thought in feminism, from the liberal to the radical and from the existentialist to the women of color. She examines both the strengths and weaknesses of each perspective, revealing a rich community of thought that builds upon and challenges each other. 

You can check out this eBook and many more through the UNT Dallas Library Catalog.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Legal Digest February 2015 Available

In this month's publication, Legal Digest delves into the topic of service animals on campus. When people have a visible disability like blindness, it is easy to understand why they would have an animal with them. However, invisible disabilities like PTSD are harder to spot and make determining whether a service animal on campus is appropriate a complex issue to confront. Legal Digest goes into detail describing what constitutes a service animal, what areas on campus can be accessed by the animal, and the owner's responsibility for the care of the service animal. The journal also discusses what questions are allowed to be asked to the animal owner, when a school can deny access to an animal, and many other important questions.

You can read about this topic and more in this month's Legal Digest in the UNT Dallas Library.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blocks: Great Learning Tools From Infancy Through the Primary Grades

There are many contributing factors in the development of a young child’s mind, but one factor that might not seem obvious is play time with building blocks. In the article “A Developmental Look at Rigorous Block Play Program,” Diane Hobenshield Tepylo, Joan Moss, and Carol Stephenson discuss how intentionally planned building block times can develop an understanding of geometry and measurement, improve spatial reasoning skills, and decrease the unequal spatial reasoning skills between males and females. The authors also go into detail on what types of activities could be used in these planned play times and the stages of block building progression that children experience from ages four to eight.

You can read this article and more in this month’s Young Children issue in the UNT Dallas Library.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Library Specialist Zack Brown

Zachary Brown is the new Library Specialist at the UNT Dallas Library. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and experience in the graphic arts. When he’s not at the library, he enjoys watching movies and spending time with his dogs. Zachary looks forward to helping students learn how to find the books and articles they need to succeed in their classes and papers.