Thursday, March 27, 2014

Prezi Student Ambassador Program

Do you love Prezi?  Are you interested in being a part of redefining the way people develop and share their ideas?  You should check out the Ambassador Program that Prezi has for university students.

 For even more information go to:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

“I didn’t know there were black cowboys”

The March issue of Young Children has an article entitled “I didn't know there were black cowboys”.  It discusses African American children’s literature and the importance of introducing children to literature by African Americans and about the importance of children being able to see themselves in their books. It gives tips for teachers even including a list of recommended African American Children’s literature for grades K-1 and 2-3. 

If you are planning on being an elementary teacher, you might want to see this issue as it also includes an article which talks about programs for primary grade students reading with preschoolers. “Reading Together: Primary Grade Children connect with preschoolers” explains how the program improved all of the children’s skills in reading. As an added bonus there is a list of children’s favorite books.  This article is online at:

Come by the library to view the print copy of  “Young Children” now.  It will be added to the electronic resources in a few months.  

McNair, J.C. (2014). I didn't know there were black cowboys: Introducing African American families to African American children’s literature. Young Children, 69(1), 64-69.

Seitz, H.J. and C. Bartholomew. (2014). Reading together: Primary grade children connect with preschoolers. Young Children, 69(1), 22-27. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dallas Business Journal 2014 Book of Lists
Are you a marketing student and need information about the latest business trends in the North Texas area? Are you about to graduate and wondering if the North Texas area is the right place to begin your career? Interested in starting a new company and need information on the competitive landscape of the area? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Dallas Business Journal 2014 Book of Lists is the resource for you! 

The book of Lists ranks the most successful and fastest growing companies in the North Texas area. The companies are divided and ranked based upon markets or business types. Key decision makers are listed with their titles and complete contact information.

Beyond market rankings readers will find demographic information such as women-owned or minority owned businesses. Also included is the Dallas 100 which honors the local businesses that have contributed the most to the local economy by creating jobs, expanding the tax base, and encouraging a competitive entrepreneurial marketplace in the North Texas area. 

Stop by the library to view this and many other Business related resource!

Dallas Business Journal (2013). 2014 book of lists: The definitive who’s who in business throughout north texas. Dallas Business Journal 37(15). 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Speed Reading

Keeping up with a the readings assigned by professors can become overwhelming.  It helps to be able to be a faster reader. The blog “gradhacker” from Inside Higher Ed has some great pointers in how to increase your speed in reading. Whether you are an undergraduate or in graduate school, it may be helpful to improve your reading speed.  

[Image by Flickr user CollegeDegrees360 used under creative commons licensing.]

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Practice Planners Treatment Planner eBooks 

Many of the Practice Planners: Treatment Planner book series is now available as eBooks through the UNT Dallas Library catalog. The planners provide counselors a framework in which they can quickly customize high quality treatment plans for their clients.

The books are designed for counselors, social workers, psychologists and other mental health professionals who provide guidance or counseling to the treatment population covered in the particular treatment planner. 

Click the link below for a list of available eBooks in the Practice Planner series. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Women's History eBook Display

UNT Dallas Library honors the accomplishments of woman throughout history while also focusing on contemporary issues facing women in the 21st century. You can access these and many more eBooks by visiting the UNT Dallas Library website (