Monday, August 12, 2013

Crime Solutions Online Database

The Crime Solutions database organizes information on evidence based  replicable law enforcement programs. Programs are reviewed by the Office of Justice representatives and given a grade of effective, promising, and no effect. According to the site:

"Programs rated as "Effective" and "Promising" on have produced positive results in the past. Replicating programs that have been shown to work and that fit a community’s needs has the potential to save valuable time and resources compared to implementing untested programs that may or may not address the same problems as effectively."

The topic list includes correction programs (e.g. recidivism, community corrections, inmate programs), prevention (e.g. gangs, property crimes, violent crimes), juvenile delinquency, and forensics.The Crime Solutions database provides accurate information on program procedures, detailed case study narratives, and references to further information including contact information.

Crime Solutions is designed to be the first place those interested in using limited resources more effectively to reduce the effects of crime on their service community.

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