Thursday, July 11, 2013

Newly Released eBooks on Leadership

According to the author, Steven Snyder, failure and adversity are necessary to develop true leaders. He tells the stories of 151 corporate, nonprofit and government leaders in a practical guide to leadership. Consisting of three parts, the book instructs readers on becoming grounded and understanding their struggles, exploring new pathways, and deepening one’s energy to fully realize leadership potential. 

This motivational and practical book, written by Floyd Woodrow, a former highly awarded member of the British military’s Special Air Services (SAS), is designed to help you work better as a member of a team and as a team leader.  Told through stories of his military career, this is an easy to read guide to becoming a better leader. Woodrow believes that the key to success is being committed to improving and surrounding oneself with talented people. 

Considered a world expert on leadership and an author of over 40 books, John Adair has written this book which contains checklists and exercises. It is a quick read at only 78 pages. You will find out if you already have the skills necessary to be a leader and how to acquire them if you do not. 

All three eBooks can be found on the UNT Dallas Library website by clicking the links above.

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