Thursday, July 18, 2013

Career Development Resources: Associations Unlimited

As a student it is never too early to think about your career.  Preparing for your career will become more crucial as you enter your junior and senior years. An important supplement to advanced courses is professional associations that provide resources for learning about current trends within a field and opportunities for networking with professionals. Active membership will also connect you to volunteer and internship opportunities which will allow you to build practical experience while solidifying professional relationships.

Most professional associations require membership fees; however students frequently have the opportunity to participate at a reduced rate. Some Associations even allow for students to join for free! 

If you are interested in searching for a professional association then the UNT Dallas Library provides access to the database Associations Unlimited. Associations Unlimited allows users to find local, state, national, and international associations. You may search by name, acronyms, or use a list of subject categories or descriptors to identify your field.

Do not hesitate to get involved with your chosen field. Stop by the library for assistance in finding the right association so that you may reach your career goals!

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