Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Student's Federal Career Guide

The Federal Government offers many career and internship opportunities but the process of searching and applying for jobs can be quite daunting. The Student's Federal Career Guide provides job seekers advice and guidance to match students with the right department and job title. Once the reader has identified a job the authors provide information about applying, writing cover letters and resumes, and successfully working through the interview process.

This book is part of the UNT Dallas Library Career Resource book collection. Click the link below for a list of other career resources related to the Federal Government.

 Federal Government Career Resources

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2. Troutman, K. K. (2010). Jobseeker's guide: Navigating the federal job system for transitioning military personnel and family members of active duty military. Baltimore, MD: Resume Place.

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4. Troutman, K. K., Binkley, P., & Troutman, E. K. (2012). Student's federal career guide: How to write a federal resume for new grads and new entry candidates. Baltimore, MD: Resume Place.

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6. Troutman, K. K. (2011). Military to federalcareer guide: Ten steps to transforming your military experience into a competitive federal resume. Baltimore, MD: The Resume Place.

7. Maxwell, B., & JIST Works, Inc. (2001). Guideto America's federal jobs: A complete directory of federal career opportunities. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works.

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