Thursday, December 13, 2012

Library Hours Between Semesters

Normal hours will resume on January 14, 2013

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Faculty Publications Display

UNT Dallas library is proud to honor the academic work of faculty members this December. Stop by the library to view the Faculty Publication display and pick up a bibliography of all the works included!

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Audio Books @ UNT Dallas Library

Dodge, Bryan. How to build a complete sales person: Taking your sales professionalism to new heights. (ACD 255 – audio book)
            Consists of 6 CDs.
1.      Understanding a professional sales person; Goals are not wishes
2.      Achieving your goals; Reviewing the EAT philosophy
3.      Relationship setting; First Impressions
4.      Leadership in Sales; Eight Tools of our Profession
5.      Phone Sales; How to Lead Sales Associates
6.      Closing Techniques for the Elite; Twenty Elite Closes

Dodge, Bryan. How to Build a Better You: Escalating Your Qualities of Success (ACD 256 – audio Book). Consists of 4 CDs.

Jaffe, Max. Maximize Your Financial Dignity: Understanding how Money is Earned and Spent. (ACD 257 – audio book). Consists of 2 CDs)

            “There is a lot of advice out there on investing; however, you have to save before you invest. With Max’s unique perspective on money, you’ll learn how to keep more of what you make. Then you’ll be out of debt and be empowered with money to invest.” From cover of CD.

White, Ron. Memory in a Month: Unique Memory Skills Designed to Accelerate Your Goals.  (ACD 258 – audio book). Consists of 6 CDs.

            “Learn to give speeches without notes, memorize chapters of books, improve study skills and grades, recall product knowledge, retain information from classes or seminars, … increase your efficiency by retaining more information, recall phone numbers or product codes, much, much more.”  From CD cover