Friday, August 31, 2012

Textbooks On Reserve

At the library we have a selection of textbooks and DVDs called our Reserves.  Unlike a normal reference book or a book from our Career Development section, our reserve books are temporarily loaned to us by staff at UNT Dallas so that students may come in and check them out when needed for a short amount of time (average being 2 hours max).  So if you happen to be searching for other options for textbooks this semester, come down to the library and see if we have your textbook on reserve!  (Please have the title of the textbook needed with you.  It should be on the class' syllabus under "Required Texts").  

*Due to the fact that they are loaned to us, there is no guarantee that we will have the textbook you need.  If we do not have your class' textbook, you can always ask your teacher if they have an extra that they would be willing to put on reserve!

Friday, August 24, 2012

TexShare Cards and their Importance

With a new semester beginning, students and teachers alike have been coming in to renew their TexShare cards.  For those who may not know, TexShare cards are state wide library cards that we issue here at UNT Dallas.  These cards allow a patron to check out books from  libraries participating in the TexShare program in cities throughout Texas without having to apply for each individual library's cards.  One card to rule them all so to speak.  However, each individual library has their own guidelines for what can be used by a TexShare patron (how many  books may be checked out at a time, etc.), so be sure to ask when visiting a new library. 

If interested, come down to the UNT Dallas library and we would be happy to help set you up!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Books @ The Library

Austin, Jan, ed. CQ 2011 Almanac Plus: 112th Congress1st Session. Vol. LXVII.  Washington, D.C.:  Congressional Quarterly Inc., 2011.   
  • This volume for the 112th Congress, 1st Session provides article overviews of key congressional legislation and issues.  Also provides explanation of individual bills and how each House and Senate member voted on each bill.
The College Board Scholarship Handbook 2013. New York, NY: The College Board, 2013.
  • This book includes information on college expenditures and how to pay for them through scholarships. Further it includes how to avoid scholarship scams, a scholarship application planner, and frequently asked questions. It also provides other information such as grants available by state.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Oxford Reference Online

The Oxford Reference Online (ORO) database is an excellent research tool that provides authoritative information and an accessible interface to efficiently access relevant information on a broad range of topics. The database includes nearly 350 Oxford reference books covering topics such as art and architecture, environmental science, history, literature, medicine, law, and economics.

Users may search all the sources simultaneously using quick search or drill down to specific subjects, titles, individuals, or dates by using the advanced search option. Users need not be familiar with all the individual titles included in the ORO since the entire database is indexed. Whenever a user searches the database related cross-references  are presented in the side bar next to the search results. These cross references allow users to easily refine searches or make connections to similar concepts or topics.

The ORO is an excellent tool to jump start a research project or help researchers refine their topic.  You can access the database from the UNT Dallas Library web site.