Friday, July 27, 2012

Career Development Resources

With the economy being what it is, finding a job and keeping it has become the main focus for many college students.  Whether it is waiting tables at night or tutoring during the day, many students are trying to find work anywhere they can.  To aid in their endeavor we have a selection of books set aside in a collection titled Career Development Resources.  The books we have available range from learning about various fields to preparing a resume.  For students relatively new to the working world who are beginning to pay their way, or even those who have a job and just need some advice, the UNT Dallas library has a book for you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Graduating soon and need to research companies in your field for possible employment?  Take a look at  the ReferenceUSA database to make your search easier.  ReferenceUSA has details on 14 million U.S. Businesses including 200,000 human resource contact names, business descriptions, company size and website links to job postings.   Stop by the library and let us show you how to make a spreadsheet of possible employers to make your job search easier!

(1)  Go to the Library homepage
(2)  Select Electronic Resources
(3)  Select "R"
(4)  Scroll down to ReferenceUSA


Monday, July 23, 2012

Policy File

A wealth of gray literature  pertaining to US foreign and domestic policy is produced each year but is not published commercially or easily accessible to academics or the public. PolicyFile is an authoritative source that constantly scans the output of over 400 leading public policy think tanks, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, university centers, and advocacy groups for new publications. Each week indexers add over 250 records to the database. The database includes over 126,000 records dating from 1995 categorized into six broad categories.. 
  • Security & Military
  • Finance & Economics
  • U.S. Domestic
  • Societal
  • U.S. Foreign
  • International
Each record is carefully indexed and includes an abstract summarizing the document’s key points. The database also provides full text access to the majority of indexed documents and also links to the authoring organization’s web site. This database is an excellent source for subjects such as global economics, international trade, health policy, education policy, domestic issues, and international issues.

To learn more about this database or others related to U.S. Government resources feel free to stop by the UNT Dallas Library!