Monday, March 19, 2012

Narrow the Gap

Forty-nine years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act a gap remains between the compensation women and men receive for comparable jobs. Through the use of social media and statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics web developer Gina Trapani  has created Narrow the Gap a site that raises awareness about the problem of pay inequality through social media interaction and visualization of labor statistics in ways easily used on social media networks such as twitter. For instance a search for occupations related to libraries returns the result:

"Women who work in education, training, and library occupations make 81 cents to the dollar men earn doing the same job. " - Narrow the Gap


A rather shocking statistic and a ready-made tweet or Facebook wall posting. 

For students interested in web development Narrow the Gap is also a part of the Equal Pay Challenge  a government sponsored contest designed to encourage development of applications that educate the public about the problem of pay inequality.

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