Friday, August 5, 2011

The British Library goes digital to share its literary wealth from the past.

The British Library has partnered with Google to digitize 250,000 items from 1700 to 1870 and make available for free viewing through Google Books as well as the library's website. Since these items are all part of the public domain, their entire contents will be viewable. This generous offering will total 40 million pages of material. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore a library with one of the largest and rarest collections in the world. Who knows what you might find!

In addition, The British Library has also teamed up with BiblioLabs this year to create a new app for the iPad that allows users to access a great deal of books from the 19th century. The selection includes “historical and antiquarian books that range from classic novels to original accounts by Victorian travelers, and from science and exploration to poetry, memoir and military history.”  It will soon grow to 60,000 titles and features high quality scans of the originals to bring the look of the old pages right off the shelf and onto the tablet.

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