Saturday, March 5, 2011

New DVDs @ the library

“Equity-Focused School Counseling: Ensuring Career and College Readiness for Every Student”. DVD  2 discs

“This DVD demonstrates transformative school counseling by providing: a comprehensive understanding of the history of school counseling from the 1930s to present-day… …12 skill-building vignettes that feature a culturally and linguistically diverse range of K-12 students, school counselors, parents, teachers, and principals demonstrating key skills and competencies to ensure every K-112 student has access to career and college readiness.  From back cover.

“Jungian analytical play therapy: a clinical session and interview” produced by UNT Center for Play Therapy”.  DVD

“Dr. Allan describes the goal of Jungian play therapy is to activate the child’s individualization process. He helps the child develop his or her unique identity, overcome or come terms with loss and trauma while accepting and adapting to the demands of life.”  From back cover.

“Adlerian Parent Consultation with Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD”.  DVD.
“Watch Jon Carlson conduct an actual parent consultation session and an actual parenting group with moms who are in power struggles with their teenage children. … Carlson facilitates a parenting group, helping the parents shut down the power struggles with their teens so they can recognize when to give responsibility, when to back off and when to draw boundaries.”  From back cover.

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