Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Media @ the library

Black Blizzard DVD. History channel. 100 minutes. (DALDVD 93R)

From back cover: “They could be forgiven for thinking the end of the world had come. No-one had ever experienced anything like it: a rolling cloud of black dust that blocked the sun, bringing night at noon and coating everything in noxious grime. What was it like to live through the greatest environmental disaster of the 20th century? With stunning immediacy, BLACK BLIZZARD transports you to the bleak period of U.S. history from 1930 – 1940 when, vulnerable after years of drought and poor farming techniques, America’s heartland was ravaged by a weather phenomenon that became known as a “black blizzard.” …. See how they form, what they’re made of, and how they affect people’s health, clothing, food and environment.”

Surviving the Dust Bowl. Public Television 55 minutes (DAL DVD 94)

From the back cover: “In 1931 the rains stopped and the “black blizzards” began. Powerful dust storms carrying millions of tons of stinging, blinding black dirt swept across the Southern Plains – the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, western Kansas, and the eastern portions of Colorado and New Mexico. Topsoil that had taken a thousand years per inch to build suddenly blew away in only minutes….. This American Experience film presents the remarkable story of the determined people who clung to their homes and way of life, enduring drought, dust, disease – even death- for nearly a decade. “

A Time for Justice: America’s Civil Rights Movement. 38 minutes. (DAL MV 69)

From the back cover: “Produced by three-time Academy Award winner Charles Guggenheim, A Time for Justice recalls the crises in Montgomery, Little Rock, Birmingham and Selma. But more importantly, it reveals the heroism of individuals who risked their lives for the cause of freedom and equality.”

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