Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Books @ the library

Zuhur, Sherifa. A hundred Osamas: Islamist Threats and the Future of Counterinsurgency. Carlisle, PA. : Strategic Studies Institute, 2005. (HV 6432 .Z84 2005).

If America's pursuit of a Global War on Terror is strategically and politically well-grounded, then why are Islamist insurgencies and extremist movements continuing to operate, generating parallel cells that terrify the world with violent attacks from Iraq to London? While analysts debate the intensity and longevity of the latest round of terrorist attacks, we would do well to consider whether U.S. long-term goals in the war on terror -- namely diminishing their presence and denying terrorists the ability to operate, while also altering conditions that terrorists exploit -- are being met. If we are not pursuing the proper strategy or its implementation is not decreasing support for terrorists, then we should adapt accordingly. This monograph addresses these questions and examines the efficacy of proposed or operative strategies in light of the evolution of Islamist jihadist leaders, ideas, and foot-soldier.

Zuhur, Sherifa. Gender, Sexuality and the Criminal Laws in the Middle East and North Africa: A comparative study. Istanbul, Turkey : WWHR - New Ways, 2005. (HQ 1236.5 .A65 Z85 2005)

A look at how women are treated in the laws of the Middle East and North Africa.

Zuhur, Sherifa. Hamas and Israel: Conflicting Strategies of Group-Based Politics. Carlisle, PA : U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, 2008. (DS 119.76 .Z84 2008)

"This monograph considers the changing fortunes of the Palestinian movement, HAMAS, and the recent outcomes of Israeli strategies aimed against this group and Palestinian nationalism external to the Fatah faction of the Palestinian Authority. The example of HAMAS challenges much of the current wisdom on "insurgencies" and their containment. As the author, Dr. Sherifa Zuhur, demonstrates, efforts have been made to separate HAMAS from its popular support and network of social and charitable organizations. These have not been effective in destroying the organization, nor in eradicating the will to resist among a fairly large segment of the Palestinian population. It is important to consider this Islamist movement in the context of a region-wide phenomenon of similar movements with local goals, which can be persuaded to relinquish violence, or which could move in the opposite direction, becoming more violent. Certainly an orientation to HAMAS and its base must be factored into new and more practical and effective approaches to peacemaking. At the same time, HAMAS offers a fascinating instance of the dynamics of strategic reactions, and the modification of Israeli impulses towards aggressive deterrence, as well as evolution in the Islamist movements' planning and operations. As well, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict bears similarities to a long-standing civil conflict, even as it has sparked inter-Palestinian hostilities in its most recent phase. The need for informed and critical discussion of the future of Islamism in the region continues today. We offer this monograph to those who wish to consider this particular aspect of the Palestinian-Israeli-Arab conflict"--Foreword.

Zuhur, Sherifa D. Iraq, Women’s Empowerment, and Public Policy. Carlisle Barracks, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, 2006. (HQ 1240.5 .I72 Z84 2006)

“In this monograph, Dr. Sherifa Zuhur examines some of the difficulties that attend policy formatulation on women in the Iraqui context. Iraqi women have identified the security situation and basic services as their top priorities. Beyond these, the issues and contours of family law are explained, as the future of family law in emerging Iraq is as yet undetermined.” -- Foreword.

Zuhur, Sherifa. The Middle East: Politics, History and Neonationalism. Cleveland: Institute of Middle Eastern, Islamic, and Diasporic Studies, 2005. (DS 62.8 .Z84 2005).

Sherifa Zuhur examines the Middle East countries of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq. She uses her experience to examine the national ideologies, customs, policies, and conflicts in the area.

Riberiro, Antonio Pinto, ed. Can There be Life without the Other? Manchester, England: 2009. (HM 1211 .C37 2009)

A volume in the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s conference series, this book examines the issues that must be discussed to create a peaceful co-existence between divergent cultures.

New Books @ the library

Texas State Directory. 2009. Austin: Texas State Directory Press, Inc. 2009. (JK 480 .T4 2009).

The Texas State Directory is a comprehensive guide to Texas Government. It includes five main sections, the state section, the county section, city section federal section and the reference section. Each section notes the office holders with information pertaining to that office holder. The major offices include biographical information about the office holder. Each year many of the office holders change including state boards and commissions.

Lunsford, Andrea A. The St. Martin’s Handbook, 6th edition. New York: Bedford/St Martin’s, 2008. (PE 1112 .L86 2008b)

Written by the Texas Tech Writing Center, the book covers many aspects of writing. It includes critical thinking skills, editing, developing paragraphs, research, documentation, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and writing for specific academic areas. This is an excellent reference to keep by your side as you write.

Stern, Edward M. and Gerald L. Wilson. The NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Law School Lists, 2009-2010 edition. New York: Kaplan, 2009. (KF 266 .N37 2009/10)

Useful information about ABA-approved law schools and their programs.

Bogart, Dave, ed. The Library and Book Trade Almanac 2010, 55th ed. Formerly The Bowker Annual. Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc., 2010. (Z731 .B61 55th ed. 2010)

An annual report that includes information on changes within the library and book industry within the past year. This edition includes special reports on restrictive changes in governmental dissemination of information, the development of “electronic government,” library portals, digital rights management, and recruitment and retention of library staff. Also included are reports from federal agencies, including federal libraries, national associations and organizations, and international associations; legislation, funding, and grants; library/information science education, placement, and salaries; research and statistics; reference information; and a directory of organizations related to both the library and book trade worlds.

From Awareness to Funding: A study of library support in America. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. 2008. (Z 683.2 .U6 D4 2008).

A report to the OCLC membership pertaining to the support and perception of libraries in the United States, including information about library supporters, elected officials, library funding, and mobilizing supporters.

Word of the Week Mon. Nov.29-Sun. Dec. 5th

Arcane: secret, mysterious

"The material that is arcane to the students is easily understood by the professor. "

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Word of the week Mon.Nov. 22-Sun. Nov. 28th

Repose: to lie or to be at rest; absence of movement

"The students looked forward to a week of repose during the Thanksgiving break."

What are your Thanksgiving plans? E-mail us at UNTDlibrary@unt.edu and let us know!

                                 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

JFK Memorial

Please join the UNT at Dallas Library in remembering the late President John F. Kennedy. This week marks the 47th anniversary of his assasination. He was assasinated on November 22, 1963. Dallas is the home of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza which chronicles the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.* Please visit the website for the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and schedule a visit.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Word of the Week Mon. Nov..15- Sun. Nov.21, 2010

Imbue: to impregnate or to inspire with feelings or opinions.

"The scholar was passionate enough to imbue his students with his teachings."

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Monday, November 15, 2010

New Books @ the library

Cambridge Who’s Who: Empowering Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Honors Edition 2009-2010. Uniondale, NY: Cambridge Who’s Who Publishing, Inc. 2010

“The Cambridge Who’s Who is a compilation of men and women of distinction who are influential within their respective industries or organizations.” Our own Leora Kemp is featured on page 2128.

Brumley, Rebecca. The Academic Library Manager’s Forms, Policies, and Procedures Handbook. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., 2007.

From the cover-“This authoritative textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the academic library in the 21st century. Coverage focuses on the role of the library in academia, organizational culture, technology, users, management of staff and collections, collection development, access, facilities, systems and networks, and special services. An indispensable introduction to the range of issues facing academic libraries, this is an essential for new information professionals and LIS students.”

Brumley, Rebecca. Electronic Collection Management: Forms, policies, procedures, and Guidelines Manual with CD-ROM. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., 2009. (Z692 .C65 B78 2009) 9/16/10

A collection of forms, policies, and procedures for creating and managing an electronic collection of materials.

Atkins, Beryl, Alain Duval, Rosemary Milne, Pierre-Henri Cousin, Helene Lewis, Lorna Sinclair, Renee Birks, and Marie-Noelle Lamy. Collins-Robert French-English Engish-French Dictionary. Paris: Collins, 1988. (PC2640 ./C69 1987) 9/16/10

This French to English and English to French Dictionary was created to be a practical tool for communication between the two languages.

Friday, November 12, 2010

National Bundt Cake Day *** November 15, 2010

I know you are wondering what this has to do with the Library, but the Food Librarian is posting 30 Bundt Cakes in the 30 days leading up to NATIONAL BUNDT CAKE DAY. You have to check out the wonderful cakes and commentary at  http://foodlibrarian.blogspot.com/2010/10/i-like-big-bundts-round-2-national.html

My favorite so far is William Sonoma's Cream Cheese Pound  Cake with Lime Glaze. I may even try to make it even though I don’t have the beautiful rose bundt pan or maybe the Banana Nutella Bundt.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Word of the Week Mon. Nov. 8th, 2010-Sun. Nov.14th 2010

Stultifying: causing to be useless, crippling, causing to appear stupid

The assistant felt that her coach’s attitude towards her input was stultifying at best."

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

National Novel Writers Month

Challenge: 50,000 words in 30 days

Now is your time to write “The Great American Novel” you know is inside you. Or the next best seller, or the unpublished manuscript for your Grandchildren to find years from now. Writing isn’t about planning to write, writing is making time to do it now. So what better time to start? Accept the challenge on November 1st. Start writing.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Word of the Week Mon. Nov.1st-Sun. Nov. 7th

Tautology: linguistic redundancy: the redundant repetition of a meaning in a sentence, using different words.


"She is always very quiet in our meetings , but this week she was especially silent."

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