Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Counseling books @ the library

Gladding, Samuel T. Counseling - A Comprehensive Profession. 4th ed. Columbus, Ohio: Merrill, 2000.

This textbook provides an overview of counseling starting with a history of the profession then discusses ethical and legal considerations within counseling. It then provides an overview of popular counseling methods and theories related to dealing with clients. The third section gives overviews of specific specializations in the profession.

Baruth, Leroy G. and M. Lee Manning. Multicultural Counseling and Psychotherapy. 2nd ed. Columbus, Ohio: Merrill, 1999.

This book provides an overview of counseling with an eye to understanding issues unique to a client’s development period. Mental health issues which effect one cultural and age group may different from those which effect another cultural and age group.

Bagin, Don, Donald R. Gallagher, and Edward H. Moore. The School and Community Relations. 9th ed. New York, New York: Pearson, 2008.

From Bowker’s Books In Print-“Well-researched and applied, this best-selling text provides school officials the how and the why for effective communication with their staff and the community to improve school quality and student learning. Chapters are sequenced so that the student can learn how to establish a public/community relations program that will be effective with every audience a school administrator will encounter. The authors continue to teach, research, and work extensively with school administrators, and this experience allows them to provide sound advice that is field tested and successful.”

Lee, C. Courtland and Garry R. Walz. Social Action: A Mandate for Counselors. Alexandria, Virginia: American Counseling Association, 1998.

From the cover-“This unique counseling resource provides counselors with the skills necessary for becoming agents of social change. The authors examine the social systems that perpetuate discrimination and dysfunction, and illustrate why counselors must accept their social and professional responsibility to help transform these systems.”

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