Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Materials!

Financial aid for veterans, military personnel, and their dependents (2006-2008) Redwood City, Calif. : Reference Service Press, 2006 Veterans, military personnel, and their dependents make up more than one third of America's population. Each year, public and private agencies set aside billions of dollars in financial aid for these groups (including the spouses, children, grandchildren, and dependent parents of veterans and military personnel). If you have ties to the military, how do you get your share? Schlachter and Weber answer this question in the 2006-2008 edition of Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel, and Their Dependents. (UB 403 .F47 2006-08 c.2) 09/17/08

Evaluating the impact of your library. Sharon Markless and David Streatfield.

London : Facet, 2006. This book addresses a major issue for library and information service managers - assessing the impact of services. All types of libraries and information services have traditionally collected a range of performance information that can tell managers something about the efficiency of those services. What is now required is better information about the effectiveness of services, i.e. about the impact of services on users, including remote ones. The core chapters of this book take the reader through a rigorously-tested process model for impact assessment backed by tools and examples to equip managers with all that they need to address their own service impact questions. Chapters include evidence, impact, planning, objectives and success criteria, activities and process indicators, collecting evidence, benchmarking, and more. (Z 678.85 .M37 2006 c.2) 09/17/08

Getting played : African American girls, urban inequality, and gendered violence / Jody Miller ; foreword by Ruth D. Peterson. New York : New York University Press, c2008. Much has been written about the challenges that face urban African American young men, but less is said about the harsh realities for African American young women in disadvantaged communities. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, and even gang rape are not uncommon experiences. In Getting Played, sociologist Jody Miller presents a compelling picture of this dire social problem and explores how inextricably, and tragically, linked violence is to their daily lives in poor urban neighborhoods. (HV 6250.4 .W65 M522 2008 c.2) 09/17/08

Creating your library brand : communicating your relevance and value to your patrons / Elisabeth Doucett. Chicago : American Library Association, 2008. From McDonald's arches to Nike's swoosh, logos are part of the everyday landscape.
Branding is one part of the marketing process that focuses on developing a laser-clear message and the means to communicate that message to the intended audience. In the new media mix, libraries need to stand up and effectively communicate their benefits as a preferred provider of information and entertainment resources. By following the step-by-step guidance of Doucett, branding pro turned librarian, libraries can begin to develop branding that makes a difference. (Z 716.3 .D68 2008 c.3)

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