Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Faculty Interview- Dr. Lauralee Thompson

Originally from Seattle, Washington Dr. Lauralee Thompson now calls Dallas home. Dr. Thompson has lived in many parts of the U.S. during her career, but was drawn to Texas to be near family and to be a part of a university that is growing before her. When asked about what she looks forward to most at UNT Dallas, Dr. Thompson began to speak about how amazing it is to see this campus grow right in front of her.

She received her PhD from the University of Michigan, specializing in medical sociology and social psychology. This is her first full-time academic appointment, but worked many years doing quantitative research for Consumer Reports, as well as a time working for the United Nations between her masters and PhD. Education is a high priority for Dr. Thompson, who feels that earning her PhD was one of her mast satisfying accomplishments. I asked Dr. Thompson if she had any advice to give the UNT Dallas students, to which she replied, “I’ll give the same advice I gave to my son when he went to college. No one gives you an education, you take it. Take everything you get, this is your opportunity.” It was a great pleasure to get to know Dr. Thompson, as it is apparent that she is very passionate about UNT Dallas and its students, whose perspectives and class discussions she looks forward to in class.

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