Friday, August 22, 2008 : Your Guide to Good Journalism

Anyone interested in good, quality news, and not just what might be most popular or controversial at the moment? Do you care about whether your news is unbiased, and informed? Do you feel like you would like to remark on a news article to raise awareness about its content?

Well, whether you said “yes” to any of these questions or not, the people at thought these kinds of questions needed answering. The solution became a non-profit website that allows members to rate articles they find from a plethora of sources and based on several criteria. How are the articles rated? Taken from the “About” section of the website, “We're non-profit, non-partisan, and committed to helping citizens make informed decisions about democracy…NewsTrust reviewers evaluate each article against core principles of journalism, such as fairness, evidence, sourcing and context.”

The site incorporates state of the art widgets and gadgetry to bring you trustworthy articles that have been rated by trustworthy members (which is to say that even though becoming a member is free and open to everyone, the chances of a rogue commenter coming in and rating articles harshly without rhyme or reason is unlikely). The site creators verify and validate a large portion of the content that comes in and out of the site, and the members take care of the rest so that everyone can indeed “trust” the news.

So the next time you feel compelled to read the news, why not make it productive for you AND others? Go to, create your free account, and start rating today!

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