Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Library has New Materials

LexisNexis. Corporate Affiliations: “Who Owns Whom”, 2008 ed. Vols. 1-8. New Providence, NJ: LexisNexis Group, 2008. An annual set of indexes and listings of U.S. public and private companies, as well as international companies. Includes two volumes of a master indexes, two volumes of international public and private company listings and index in alphabetical order, two volumes of public U.S. company listings and index in alphabetical order, and two volumes of private U.S. company listings and index in alphabetical order. Listings include parent company, address, website, telephone numbers, information about company executives, and subsidiary companies.
(Call # HG 4057 .A217 2008 v.1-8 c.2) 08/15/08

The Lifestyle Market Analyst (2008 edition-published annually). Des Plaines, IL: SRDS, in conjunction with Equifax Marketing Services. An essential source for demographic and lifestyle activities. A grand volume to conduct consumer market analysis at the local, regional and national levels. Section 1 (700 pages of tables) displays lifestyle and demographic profiles for all (211) Designated Market Areas {DMA’s). Section 2 tracks six dozen lifestyle interest categories (avid book reading; gambling; bible reading). Section 3 provides consumer segment profiles (dual-income; single male, 35-44 years old; 65 years and over, income $75,000 and over). Section 4 provides Consumer magazines and direct marketing lists. Information collected from over 19 million U.S. households. (HF5415.33.U6 L54 2008 C.2) 08/15/08

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