Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Net Library eBook of the Month: Britannica Encyclopedia of World Religions

by Wendy Doniger; Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Net Library, an eBook database, is located on the electronic resources page (http://irservices.library.unt.edu/ais.cfm?alpha=N). This month it is offering a free book of the month for UNT Dallas Students, the Britannica Encyclopedia of World Religions. “Prepared by the editors of Encyclopedia Britannica and Merriam-Webster, with the assistance of hundreds of scholars and experts, this authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date book answers your questions as well as exposes you to the concepts, movements, people, and events associated with living and ancient religions, including Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism” (net Library). This resource includes educational articles, records and illustrations, which provide a deeper understanding of the religions that shape our world.

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