Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Other" Useful Search Engines for College Students

100 Useful Niche Search Engines You’ve Never Heard Of

By Laura Milligan

Though the general Google site is often touted as the number one search engine online, college students sometimes need more specific tools to help them uncover quality information on the Web that they can use for class projects, research papers, and even job and apartment searches. This list features a huge variety of search engines that can be useful to students, including tools that find photos, sound effects, summer internships, health and medical information, reference guides, and a lot more.

Here are some examples:

FindSounds: Web workers and procrastinating students can use this search to find sound effects in all kinds of file formats, channels and resolutions.

Google Local: Many don’t realize that this popular site is also a search engine. Find local businesses and addresses here.

BizRate: Compare prices of clothing items, household appliances, gifts, accessories, technology and more when you use this search engine. Entrepreneurs and business students can browse categories like software, startup, transportation, jobs, office management, real estate and health care to "quickly find anything for [their] business" and find a job.

Librarian’s Internet Index: This site brings together "websites you can trust," on subjects like media, law, communications, consumer research, health and more.

Radio-Locator: Search for over 10,000 different radio stations and 2,500 web streams from radio stations all over the world.

PubMed: This search tool is sponsored by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

Picsearch: Use Picsearch when you need to add images to a project or presentation.

Internship Programs: Look for internships after you log on to this "internship search engine."

Happy searching!

Leora Kemp, Librarian, UNT Dallas Campus

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