Thursday, March 13, 2008

March's Faculty Feature Interview: Dr. Arrick Jackson

Dr. Arrick Jackson grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. He holds a B.A. (Alaska-Fairbanks ’94) and a M.A. (Washington State ’97) in Criminal Justice as well as a Ph.D (also from Washington State ‘01) in Political Science. He spent six years in the United States Army. Three of those years he spent in the Airborne Artillery with another three in Military Intelligence.

In addition to receiving some $235,000 in grant funding and publishing ten articles in peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Jackson can count among his career highlights the attainment of tenure and the rank of Associate Professor during his time at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. While there, Dr. Jackson became involved with the Southeast Missouri Network Against Sexual Violence (SEMO-NASV) in order to prevent both sexual and physical violence against children. He has served UNT-Dallas for five months as the Program Coordinator for the Department of Criminal Justice, and looks forward to also becoming involved in a great deal of community service in this area as well.

In his spare time, Dr. Jackson enjoys racquetball, running, and “family time” (one of his proudest accomplishments is witnessing the birth of his three children). He is also quite proud of “jumping out of an airplane,” and one must assume that he has experienced nothing but success with this activity.

Dr. Jackson looks forward to forming one-on-one relationships with his UNT-Dallas Campus students, and his advice them is simple: “Come to school for an education, not for a grade.”

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