Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Books in the Library

Rewarding Excellence: Pay Strategies for the New Economy. Edward E. Lawler III. Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco. “This book is based on the premise that to capture the full power of a reward’s system in today’s competitive environment, organizations need to focus in rewarding excellence in all areas.” This is the core message of Rewarding Excellence, which is broken into four parts. These four parts seek to reinforce the idea of human capital as the most important part of an organization in the new economy. It also lays out a plan for attracting, selecting, and retaining top talent. This follows with rewarding team and individual excellence. This book is very useful for the employer as well as the employee.

Supporting Work Team Effectiveness: Best Management Practices for Fostering High Performance. Eric Sundstrom and Associates. Jossey-BassPublishers: San Francisco. Working in teams are used more and more in organizations. Though there are many books on the market about how to effectively work in teams, this book takes the vantage point of a manager who is outside the team. Team Effectiveness is about how best to support and encourage work teams to high performance by focusing on nine essential support systems. The intended readers are personnel managers, human resources, operations, organizational development, but also college students taking classes on human resource management, organizational behavior, etc.

Letters from Mississippi. Elizabeth Sutherland, ed. McGraw-Hill Book Co.: New York. The summer of 1964 is etched into the American memory. It was called the Mississippi Summer Project. During this summer 650 people, mostly young white Northerners, came to Mississippi as “volunteers” to assist in registering blacks residents to vote, who had been denied voting rights since the inception of Jim Crow laws. This book represents a small fraction of the “volunteers” letters to family and friends. This is suggested reading for any citizen of the world.

Hoovers. Hoover’s Handbook of Private Companies 2008: Profiles of Major U.S. Private Enterprises. Hoovers Inc., Austin, 2008. This is an updated handbook of major businesses in the U.S. including company headquarters, income histories, leadership, products and competitors.

The Career Guide: The Employment Opportunities Directory 2007. Directory of professional employment and career opportunities with detailed information on 10,000 leading employers. This reference guide for employment potential includes the areas of Sales, Marketing, Management, Engineering, Life/Physical Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Planning, Accounting and Finance, Liberal Arts, and other technical and professional institutions.

The Career Guide: The Employment Opportunities Directory 2008. Directory of professional employment and career opportunities. This is a updated version of the reference guide for employment potential includes the areas of Sales, Marketing, Management, Engineering, Life/Physical Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Planning, Accounting and Finance, Liberal Arts, and other technical and professional institutions.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Library Staff Member!

Greetings, all! My name is Lindsey Taylor and I am the newest addition to the UNTDC library. I am very happy to be a part of a campus library again. I have worked for a couple of libraries prior to this one. My first library job was as a student worker with Baylor University, where I graduated in 2007 with my B.A. in Religion; my second library job was at a public library in the Park Cities of Dallas.

I love working in libraries, being in libraries, and using libraries, so I am excited to be here while I'm pursuing my MLIS at UNT. Stop by anytime to say hey, as I am pretty much friendly :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Virtual Library Newsletter!!!

The Spring 2008 edition of the UNT Dallas Campus Library News is here!! Visit to read about exciting things the library has to offer this Spring as well as what we are up to for the semester. Or, stop by the library to get your print copy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March's Faculty Feature Interview: Dr. Arrick Jackson

Dr. Arrick Jackson grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. He holds a B.A. (Alaska-Fairbanks ’94) and a M.A. (Washington State ’97) in Criminal Justice as well as a Ph.D (also from Washington State ‘01) in Political Science. He spent six years in the United States Army. Three of those years he spent in the Airborne Artillery with another three in Military Intelligence.

In addition to receiving some $235,000 in grant funding and publishing ten articles in peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Jackson can count among his career highlights the attainment of tenure and the rank of Associate Professor during his time at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. While there, Dr. Jackson became involved with the Southeast Missouri Network Against Sexual Violence (SEMO-NASV) in order to prevent both sexual and physical violence against children. He has served UNT-Dallas for five months as the Program Coordinator for the Department of Criminal Justice, and looks forward to also becoming involved in a great deal of community service in this area as well.

In his spare time, Dr. Jackson enjoys racquetball, running, and “family time” (one of his proudest accomplishments is witnessing the birth of his three children). He is also quite proud of “jumping out of an airplane,” and one must assume that he has experienced nothing but success with this activity.

Dr. Jackson looks forward to forming one-on-one relationships with his UNT-Dallas Campus students, and his advice them is simple: “Come to school for an education, not for a grade.”

New Career Development Resources!

Well, they are not exactly new because they were previously held in the Student Development office. These career resources are books and guides related to the subject disciplines offered at the UNT Dallas Campus. These books and guides are now shelved in the Library on Aisle 1. They are great resources for anyone looking for a job, considering a career change, or just interested in what career options might be available when that long-awaited graduation day finally comes. These books are now in the library catalog where a student can see what is available without coming to the campus. They can be checked out for 7 days.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Media In the Library

UNT Dallas Campus Library received four new media items.

The Virtual Job Interview, LLC. The Virtual Job Interview Practice & Preparation for Getting the Job You Deserve. The Virtual Job Interview is an interactive DVD used to improve interview readiness, such as getting a better understanding of your role as the job applicant and learning to recognize effective and ineffective responses. The user of the DVD is asked a typical interview question by interviewer in a video clip and then allowed to choose the best response from a list of choices. Once a selection is made the interviewer in the video clip responds accordingly. (DVD 7529 c.2) 3/6/08

Corvision Media. Buffalo Grove, IL. The Granny Myth. Hosted by Peg Phillips, a 75-year-old actress best known for her role on TV’s Northern Exposure, the Granny myth tackles issues related to ageism and other dangerous stereotypes that Americans old and young accept as true. Interviews are given to a variety of active senior women, such as activists. (MV 3752 c.4) 3/6/08

Schlessinger Media. Wynnewood, PA. Religions of the World: Judaism., Judaism focuses on one of the world’s oldest surviving religions. This is part of a series that examines the history of the world through religion. (DVD 8430) 3/6/08

Independent Production Fund, Inc. New York, NY. Frontline Muslims: An In-Depth look at what it means to be a Muslim in the 21st Century. Filmed in Egypt, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Nigeria, and the U.S., Muslims focuses how culture and politics affect Islam and current political forces at work among Muslims today. This film also features the diverse interpretations of Islam among the Muslim people. (DVD 5474 c.2) 3/6/08


Today in Texas History: March 6, 1836

The Battle of the Alamo

The myth and legend of the Alamo is the creation story of Texas, central to the Texas legend itself, and it is a legend which continues growing, capturing the imagination of people around the world.

The entire siege lasted 13 days. Tuesday February 23 - Sunday March 6, 1836. The siege and final battle of the Alamo in 1836 constitute the most celebrated military engagement in Texas history. The battle was conspicuous for the large number of illustrious personalities among its combatants. These included Tennessee congressman David Crockett, entrepreneur-adventurer James Bowie, and Mexican president Antonio López de Santa Anna. Although not nationally famous at the time, William Barret Travis achieved lasting distinction as commander at the Alamo. For many Americans and most Texans, the battle has become a symbol of patriotic sacrifice. Traditional popular depictions, including novels, stage plays, and motion pictures, emphasize legendary aspects that often obscure the historical event.
(The Lone Star Internet)
Leora Kemp, Library Dept. Head

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Break is right around the corner...and we're taking off!!

We all need a break, and Spring Break is almost here to relieve us! The library will have a change of hours for the entire week, because we get tired and stressed out too!! Look below to see our list of hours for the Spring Break week.

Monday, March 17, 2008--CLOSED
Tuesday - Saturday, Marcch 18-22, 2008--10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday, March 23, 2008--CLOSED

Regular hours begin after Spring Break is over.

Have a good one!!