Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Librarians Volunteer for the EYH Program

This past weekend the UNTDC Library participated in a program called Expanding Your Horizons. This program is a career exploration conference offered to middle school girls, and has special programs for parents and teachers. The students participating have the chance to learn about careers in fields such as architecture, forensic art, veterinary medicine and library information systems. Cedar Valley College hosts the program and offers a breakfast to the girls and afterwards they receive a yummy subway sandwich! Since the library is a huge advocate of computer science and technology, we were asked to come up with a program to give the girls a little sample of what really goes into being a librarian.

Our program was titled “Scooby Doo, Nancy Drew, and YOU!” because of all the mysteries and unique questions that librarians receive. The students got a crash course in internet searching and were handed a scavenger hunt where they had to find the proper websites associated with the questions to find the answers. After they finished that, they moved on to a game we all know about…BINGO! This form of Bingo is different; it is called Library Lingo Bingo. A definition is read aloud and if the student knows the answer to it, they can cover the appropriate square. If they won the game, they received a prize of UNT Dallas Campus water bottles. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the activities and had lots of questions about our virtual library. At the end of the program they evaluated us; and I snuck a peak at what they had to say…they loved it! They learned a lot about librarianship and how the computer assists greatly in doing research!

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