Friday, January 25, 2008

The Ultimate Student Resource List

Whatever your status, you must visit this site. It has a lot of useful links for everyone, but especially for students. Thanks to Larry Phillips (part-time student assistant at the UNTDC library and part-time librarian at Cedar Valley College) for sharing this link.

"It’s back to school time, yet again. In the spirit of the season, I decided to gather together the best tools, websites, and advice I know of to help make you a more effective and relaxed student this semester. Since I know you’re broke, it’s all free!"

  • 10 Free Applications Every Student Needs
  • 11 Online Tools Students Should Check Out
  • 15 Websites for Students (Aside from Lifehack)
  • 30 Pieces of Advice for Students from
  • 7 Online Research Resources [but DON'T forget UNT's online electronic resources! - Librarian's note.]
  • Lifehack Your Money
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Leora Kemp, Librarian, UNT Dallas Campus

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