Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Textbook Chaos

Buying textbooks each semester can be a daunting task and not just because of the crowds at the bookstore. The cost of textbooks is enough to make you rethink a second mortgage. In fact, it has been reported by the Government Accountability Office that college textbook prices rose at twice the rate of annual inflation over the last two decades. Some universities are creating programs that rent textbooks out to their students, lowering the costs by as much as 90%. Check out "Book rentals on lots of wish lists" for more details on universities utilizing such programs as well as a list of tips on how you can save yourself money and maybe even a little stress when it comes time for you to buy your books this semester.



Jessica said...

Have u try the online bookstore

I get all my textbooks for this semester from this bookstore. All are brand new and 60%off discount from normal price. See if any help.

hehe ^_^

UNT Alumni said...
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