Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007 - It Was a Very Good Year


It’s been a very good year. In spite of the city coming to a stand-still because of ice on Dec. 15 and 17, the Grand Opening for the first building on the permanent campus took place on Jan. 16, the first day of classes for the spring semester. Students and dignitaries from around the city and the state were here to celebrate the beginning of a new stage in the life of the future UNT at Dallas. Throughout the next several months, visitors would come to see the new campus and the transformation from a business park atmosphere to the beginnings of a real college campus. During the summer and fall, the surrounding grounds were improved significantly with the addition of grass, ornamental trees, plants, and banners. We continue to get positive feedback from our students and our visitors.

Major changes took place for the library. With the placement of the only computer lab on the 3rd floor and the library on the 1st floor, the library staff was not longer providing the staffing that we had done for 7 years in our previous facility. Even before moving to this location, we knew that we would need to take library services outside our 4 walls. We instituted a “Roving Librarian” program where we sent one of our library student assistants with a laptop to the 3rd floor during the busiest times of the week (4:00-8:00, Monday-Thursday) to be available to assist students with their research. The program has grown in popularity as students have understood that there is someone available near the lab computers to help them. The IT staff has now provided a desk top computer for the Roving Librarian, so the laptop is no longer necessary.

The library has been designated as “the quiet study space” in the building because of the level of noise throughout the building. It’s impossible to keep it completely quiet because of the instruction that often takes place at the library service desk. We have 2 group study rooms inside the library and, although they are enclosed, they are not sound proof. We do try to keep students fairly quiet as they work together, but there’s still some level of noise.

One of our main services continues to be “Library Instruction,” both in-class and one-on-one. Our virtual library, while not a traditional library, is a full service library. It’s absolutely necessary that we teach our students and faculty how to access the thousands of resources that are available to them. Our faculty members are our greatest cheerleaders! With their constant help and encouragement, we do whatever it takes to help their students be successful in their studies.

Many other activities go on “behind the scenes.” We’re here to serve you as you work to accomplish your educational goals. Come visit us in the Library on the first floor or our “rovers” at the 3rd floor service desk.

Our goal is not customer service – it’s OUTRAGEOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Your Library staff: Librarians Leora Kemp and Cindy Batman
Library student assistants: Ryan, Jack, John, Cassandra, Larry, Mandie,
Anna, and Beth

Leora Kemp, Library Dept. Head

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