Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guess What?? New Materials!!

I know you want to score higher on your MAT test, but do you know how you can? I do. The "Master the Miller Analogies Test 19th edition" can definitely make you get a better score. This study guide offers tips on how to recognize and solve common analogy questions. It gives detailed answer explanations for every question. It lists the top ten ways to raise your MAT score and has a review of some of the most difficult subject areas, such as mythology, math, and nations of the world. Also included on the CD-ROM are two full-length timed practice tests in addition to the eight tests in the book.

We also have an updated version of Chase's Calendar of Events. This resource has 193 countries listed with their major holidays and festivals. It is organized by calendar day and it also has a CD-ROM.

If you are interested in these new books...come to the library to see what they are all about!