Monday, October 8, 2007

Stumbling Upon Good Information

Has it been awhile since you stumbled upon something new and interesting on the internet?

Are you certain there is wonderful information lurking out there on the web that you just can't seem to find through all your searching?

Don't give up! Try StumbleUpon!

StumbleUpon is a toolbar you can add to your browser that sends to you websites based on your interests. It also lets you give feedback on whether you like the site or not.

To get it, just go to Register for an account and tell what your interests are. After the toolbar is added to your browser, you just click the "Stumble" button to begin finding fun and interesting websites.

Whether you like what you find or not, let them know by giving the site a thumbs up or thumbs down. From your ratings they can refine what they give you as you "Stumble".

There are other features included such as blogs and comments about the websites. But you don't have to participate in all of it to start stumbling on some great new information.

But BEWARE: you might get addicted!!