Thursday, October 11, 2007

October is all about Teacher Education!

The major the UNT Dallas Campus Library is sponsoring for the month of October is Teacher Education. We have developed a fresh display that has many books that could guide you, teacher-to-be, to becoming the best educator you can possible be. One of them includes a book titled Education-Opposing Viewpoints. This book caught my eye because people say I could argue with a fencepost, so obviously I am interested in differing views. Some of the subjects that are covered in this book are; the viability of homeschooling, if bilingual education is beneficial, and if schools should or should not teach moral values. This is very fascinating because it gives arguments for both sides. There is also a book titled Becoming a Teacher in Texas that dedicates sixteen chapters to helping you pass the Examination for the Certification of Educators in Texas (ExCET). It also gives you practice questions to ease your anxiety about the test! There are many other resourceful books that can guide you through your studies such as the Education Sourcebook, Requirements for Certification, and The Almanac of American Education…and if we don’t have something you are looking for, we’ll definitely find it for you!