Monday, October 29, 2007

New Collection of Play Therapy for Children DVDs

The library has recently received a MILLION DVDs for your viewing pleasure! Ok, so maybe not that many, but we do have a lot more that deal with play therapy for children. Dr. Garry Landreth, Dr. Clark Moustakas, and Dr. Viola Brody have all contributed to this fast-growing field of children’s therapy with their insight and interviews in their DVDs. The DVD collection includes: Touching the Inner World of Children Through Play Therapy, Reflections on Relationship Play Therapy, Relationship Play Therapy: A Clinical Session, Developmental Play Therapy: A Clinical Session, Toys & Materials for Play Therapy, The Play Therapist’s Language of Change: Rehearsing Children’s Creative Capacities, Understanding Play Behavior and Themes in Play Therapy, Choices, Cookies, & Kids: A Creative Approach to Discipline, and Therapeutic Limit Setting in Play Therapy: Purpose, Areas and ACT Model. If these interest you or maybe they could help you out on your next research paper, come into the library and we’ll set you up so you can watch them on our HUGE plasma, flat-screened TV. Oh yeah…that’s the good stuff!