Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meet Dr. Teaff...the Fisherman?!

Dr. Tracy Teaff has lived her entire life in Texas. She was born in Abilene, raised in Waco, and has always had a calling to be a special education teacher. She received her undergraduate degree from Baylor University and her master’s degree from East Texas State University which is now called Texas A&M Commerce. That is also where she received her school counseling and special education counseling certification. She then decided to get her PhD in Leadership in Behavioral Disorders, and she achieved this goal with help from the University of North Texas.

When people get their doctorates it’s because they want to teach higher education, but Dr. Teaff wanted to share her education with all people. She gave it some thought and decided that she was not yet ready to take the leap into higher education and went to public schools to teach and better prepare herself for her career in higher education. She was working in Arlington ISD when the job at UNT Dallas Campus opened; she thought it would be the perfect time to make the switch because she felt “strongly about training and preparing special educators”.

I posed the question to Dr. Teaff, “What is an aspect of the university that you like the most?” Her immediate response was the students. She really understands that her students are not just students, but they are mothers, fathers, and have many other roles that they are juggling all the while trying to get their degree. She realizes that many of them are first generation students and knows that they appreciate the opportunities they are given to receive such a great education. Dr. Teaff also appreciates the staff and faculty here because they are all so close and eager to work with one another to better serve the students.

When asked to give comments about the virtual library, she had nothing but good things to say. She loves how the staff is always ready to offer help with research and everyday services like keeping reserves for her classes. She loves the “accessibility and the ability to find anything and everything that I might need for my students and myself” and encourages everyone to learn about the resources we offer. She thought that not having many books would be debilitating, but she soon realized that it is not an issue because we have access to anything anyone might need.

Although Dr. Teaff spends a lot of time teaching, she does have other interests. She loves to fish and owns her own bass boat. She loves riding around in her pick-up truck, and even has a tattoo! She also enjoys a good football game. That interest most likely spawned from her father who was a football coach. An outside source told me that her father was not just any football coach, but a legend…maybe you could ask her about it?
To give you guys a hint about her Father "the legend" the library owns three books that he wrote. If you are interested in checking them out, they are on display on the Major of the Month-Teacher Education shelves.