Monday, August 27, 2007

Music Television and Poetry?

MtvU has elected John Asbury as their poet laureate. In an effort to "whet an appetite" for poetry amongst college students, Asbury's work will be presented on the college-centric network during commerical breaks. Mtv U is also hosting a poetry contest and the winner will have a book published by Harper Collins as a part of the National Poetry Series. Sounds like a pretty good reason to pick up a pen and tune in to your muses.
Check out for contest details.

Friday, August 24, 2007

American Readers, or Lack Thereof

The AP published an interesting (read:disheartening) article about the dwindling numbers of American readers. According to their studies, 1 in 4 adults did not read a single book in 2006. Check out the full article and get inspired to pick up a good book. Or a bad book. Just pick up a book and read it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

new library materials

The following materials have been added to the ever-growing collection of the UNT Dallas Campus Library.

  • Lexis Nexis Corporate Affiliations International Public and Private Companies. Lexis Nexis. Vol. VII and VIII. 2007. This is an update to the existing copy in our collection by this name. (Call# HG 4057.A217 2007 v.7-8 c.2) 8/22/07
  • Lexis Nexis Corporate Affiliations US Companies. Lexis Nexis. Vol. V and VI. 2007. This is an update to the existing copy in our collection by this name. (Call# HG 4057.A217 2007 v.5-6 c.2) 8/22/07
  • Lexis Nexis Corporate Affliliations Master Index. Lexis Nexis. Vol. I and II. 2007. This is an index of the information contained in the other eight volumes of this series. (Call# HG 4057.A217 2007 v.1-2 c.2) 8/22/07
  • Lexis Nexis Corporate Affiliations U.S. Public Companies. Vol. III and IV. 2007. This is an index of companies in the U.S. companies their subsidiaries, divisions and affiliates. It is a useful resource for tracking down what companies are owned by whom and what their relationships are to other companies. (Call# HG 4057.A217 2007 v.3-4 c.2) 8/22/07

Monday, August 20, 2007

Library of Laughs Part III

Anyone who has visited Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency knows that it is full of various styles of literary entertainment. We found Scott Douglas' "Dispatches from a Public Librarian" quite relevant and very funny. This particular dispatch details the rules of a Parisian library during the 14th century. Be sure to thank your local congressman for the absence of poison in modern libraries.

(Disptach 8/14/06)
When I first began these dispatches, I hinted that perhaps there might be observations about other libraries. Thus far I have done a bad job of this. Until now. Not long ago I came across a copy of the rules for a Paris library circa 1300. If you have always been curious about what libraries were like in Paris circa 1300, time-travel with me and read these rules of library conduct, which, if nothing else, will make you appreciate modern libraries a little more:
1. Robes and caps required.
2. No children or illiterates admitted.
3. Respectable learned men may enter if introduced by a member; their "valets" must remain outside.
4. Each member keeps his own key and loans it to no one.
5. Neither fire nor light permitted at any time.
6. No books issued without the permission of the society.
7. A book should be laid upon a desk only after the dust has been removed.
8. No writing in or other abuse of a book.
9. Whether writing or reading, no bothering of others by talking or walking.
10. Maximum silence, as would be appropriate to premises "sacred and august."
11. Condemned books are available to professors of theology only-for use in line of duty only.
12. The professor is not to read such works for curiosity, lest he be poisoned.
13. Violators of that restraint are to be reprimanded.

New Material

The Dallas Campus library has added a new edition to its shelves. Come in today and check out our ever-expanding collection!

The Bowker Annual Library and Book Trade Almanac, 52nd Edition (Call #Z 731 .B6 52nd ed. 2007 c.2)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Staff Member

Anna Wright Hithersay
Student Assistant
I grew up in the North Dallas area. I received my BA in History from UNT in 2004 and entered the SLIS program in 2005. I grew up loving libraries and am very excited to be moving toward a career as a librarian. Around the same time I started in the SLIS program I also began to volunteer at our church library. I eventually took over as the Ministry Leader there and I love to work in that library. I’ve had the opportunity to do just about everything in that library and it’s been a great learning experience. I also work as the Database Manager for a wholesale distributor in Dallas. I got married to my husband Jason in October 2006 and we live in Lewisville with our kitten Cora Munro.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Library Staff Member

Cassandra Mackie
I’m a Fort Worth native. I have a B.A. in art from Austin College (Sherman, TX). I developed a great passion for art and along the way for libraries (surprisingly, this happened after working 4 years at my college library). Being an underemployed college graduate makes you appreciate all the resources that libraries have to offer. I began the SLIS program in Fall of 2005 and have been working in libraries since college (Fort Worth Public Library and currently TCU Library). I live in Fort Worth with my husband Amon-Ra and our puppy Ginger.

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Need help managing your research?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Print Materials

The Dallas Campus library has added a two new books to its shelves. Come in today and check out our ever-expanding collection!

The College Board Scholarship Handbook 2008. New York, NY: The College Board, 2008. This book includes information on college expenditures and how to pay for them through scholarships. Further it includes how to avoid scholarship scams, a scholarship application planner, and frequently asked questions. It also provides other information such as grants available by state. (Call #: JK 1010 .P63 2008 c.2) 8/8/07

Hawkings, David and Brian Nutting, Eds. CQ’s Politics in America 2008, The 110th Congress. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2007. This book provides information about state statistics, maps, and biographies of governors, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Representatives. It also provides information about Representatives from American territories, member statistics, campaign finance, committees, seniority, and pronunciation. (Call #JK 1010 .P65 2008 c.2) 8/8/07

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Staff Member! Part II

John Lamberth

I’m a native of Fort Worth & Arlington and received my B.S. from TCU. After nearly 10 years of not being able to decide what I wanted to do, I started in the SLIS program in January of 2006 after realizing that many of my hobbies are related to librarianship. I’m particularly drawn to cataloging, digitization, and rare books. Currently, I live near Burleson with my wife, Leigh, and two silly dogs, Bergkamp and Maisie.

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Staff Member!

Sally Rice

I was born and raised in Texas and love my home state dearly! I was accepted into the UNT Library Science program fall 2007 after graduating with a BA in English from Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. I’ve always loved books, reading, and libraries, so it’s fantastic to be working on a degree that will give me my dream job. I’m hoping to specialize in digitization of materials and archival work because I believe in preserving the past. I live in Arlington and keep company with a black cat named Panic.