Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Children of Light and the Children of Darkness (New Arrival at UNT Dallas Library)

The Children of Light and the Children of Darkness, first published in 1944, is considered one of the most profound and relevant works by the influential theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, and certainly the fullest statement of his political philosophy. Written and first read during the prolonged, tragic world war between totalitarian and democratic forces, Niebuhr’s book took up the timely question of how democracy as a political system could best be defended.

This edition includes a new introduction by the theologian and Niebuhr scholar Gary Dorrien in which he elucidates the work’s significance and places it firmly into the arc of Niebuhr’s career.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Cazuela that the Farm Maiden Stirred (New Arrival at UNT Dallas Library)

This is the story of how the farm maiden and all the farm animals worked together to make the rice pudding that they serve at the fiesta. With the familiarity of "The House That Jack Built," this story bubbles and builds just like the ingredients of the arroz con leche that everyone enjoys. Cleverly incorporating Spanish words, adding a new one in place of the English word from the previous page, this book makes learning the language easy and fun.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Thinking, Fast and Slow (New Arrival at UNT Dallas Library)

Engaging the reader in a lively conversation about how we think, Kahneman reveals where we can and cannot trust our intuitions and how we can tap into the benefits of slow thinking. He offers practical and enlightening insights into how choices are made in both our business and our personal lives―and how we can use different techniques to guard against the mental glitches that often get us into trouble.

Major New York Times bestseller
Winner of the National Academy of Sciences Best Book Award in 2012
Selected by the New York Times Book Review as one of the ten best books of 2011

Friday, December 28, 2018

Dimensions of Early Childhood, Vol. 46, No. 3 (New Arrival at the UNT Dallas Library)

This new issue includes articles about student involvement and communication in the classroom through board games, read-alouds, and other interactions. The articles discuss caring for infants and toddlers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, using informational text for read-alouds, using sign language to support children's participation, and increasing student communication through board games.

This issue is now available at the UNT Dallas Library!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Mexico Historical Review, Vol. 93, No. 4 (New Arrival at the UNT Dallas Library)

This new issue covers many cultural and political changes in 1960s New Mexico. The pieces cover The National Indian Youth Council, Crownpoint Boarding School, The Love-Lust Controversy of 1969, the Tierra Amarilla Courthouse Event of 1967 and more.

In Offending Moral Decency, the state's sexual revolution is documented through events at the University of New Mexico where a teaching assistant and an instructor covered sexually explicit literature in class. Some perceived this material as a threat to the moral fabric of society, while others defended the material and challenged traditional sexual convention. This article examines the sexual discourse that unfolded as part of the sexual revolution.

This issue is now available at the UNT Dallas Library!